November 17, 2012
I did about half of my Christmas shopping today.

I’ve skipped right over my mother and am turning straight into my grandmother.

Also, I have never loved shopping until there was shopping for Bean. 

(He’s getting the train set. But not the miniature chain saw. One must draw the line somewhere.) 

Should I get him video game system? He uses a Macbook, an iPod touch, my Android phone, a Nook, the iPads and PCs at school. He’s ready for something with controllers, but the last time I knew anything about that stuff we were still blowing on Nintendo cartridges and lusting after the original only-comes-in-grey Gameboy. 

  1. oldtobegin said: if you get a game system, get something nintendo. for TV consoles, wii is REALLY kid friendly, and cheaper than most other systems. and for handhelds, the 3DS is truly amazing.
  2. xlivvielockex said: It depends on what you want him to be doing with the video game system. The Wii generally needs a level of activity because it doesn’t have traditional controllers. The Xbox 360 is for hardcore multiplayer gaming. The PS3 falls between them imho.
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