November 27, 2012
I take work disappointments personally.

I have always had this problem.

I have managed to get it somewhat under control, but really I’m just suppressing (and maybe seething a little a lot).

This works until I am overcome with frustration, explode into angry tears, and start doing things that make everyone hate me intentionally creating challenging situations in order to get my needs met.

This almost works totally backfires. I look childish. Feelings are hurt. Relationships are strained. Nobody wins. 

I wonder, am I just hardwired for this kind of behavior and thought patterns? Is there no getting away from feeling undervalued? Is this something I can grow out of? Or am I always going to be “that volatile creative”?

  1. lmcg-e said: Well, I haven’t out grown it yet either but perhaps in some ideal future I will.
  2. georgefant answered: Honestly I say, do what you do do it right, then do not worry about the opinions of people who want to see you boiling mad, ignore.
  3. or-doesitexplode answered: im the same way, i take work wayyy too personally.
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