November 28, 2012
I try to talk to Bean about Santa, but I think he can tell my heart’s not in it.

I am not in the habit of lying to him, so my discomfort is probably obvious. 

Besides, why should Santa get all the credit?

  1. seltzerlizard answered: I’m raising my kids with Santa because I think the only magic in the world is the magic we create. I’m big on a sense of wonder.
  2. casaderufus said: What bout elf on the shelf?
  3. shawnafoster answered: I tell my kids it’s an important story in our culture like other stories, and while I don’t believe in Santa it’s up to them to figure it out
  4. almostfancynancy said: Every so often, A asks me about the tooth fairy, and I say I don’t want to talk about it. ;)
  5. nezua said: Luna and Paloma know the truth from jump. They still love Xmas. I’m not doing some 10 year demonstration of how well I can deceive my loved ones.
  6. flesh-scape answered: In my family stocking presents were from Santa and gifts under the tree were from the family :3
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