December 15, 2012
I never blamed video games. I never blamed anything.

Ugh, you guys. Do I even further acknowledge this dude?

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    Why bother? You’ve already firmly established that your kid can tell the difference between pretend guns in a game and...
  2. cattyfantastic said: No - just feeds the fire. Best course of action?ignore.
  3. tymethiefslongerthoughts said: Never feed the trolls. It only makes them bigger assholes.
  4. unepetitesouris said: I can’t believe that dude. Yes, yes we are out of touch with reality, and i am TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT BECAUSE THESE SHOOTINGS ARE OUR FUCKING REALITY. GUNS ARE NOT GAMES!!!!!!
  5. janetisserlis said: seems unlikely to listen
  6. kittykittybangbang said: Not worth your time.
  7. marblemartin said: nah he’s just a lameass, don’t give him the attention he wants. He just wants a reaction. And you’re better than that.
  8. lmcg-e said: No.
  9. scholvin said: block his stupid ass
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