December 15, 2012
You didn’t want a conversation.

Your first contact was an insult. There was no question, no challenge, no invitation to discussion and debate. There was only judgement and dismissal. You completely misunderstood what I was saying, because you have no context, because you know absolutely nothing about me. Moreover, you didn’t care what I was actually saying, didn’t even attempt to understand, because I am your straw woman

I am not anyone’s straw woman. 

I am always perfectly willing to have a spirited, respectful discussion with any civil individual who chooses to challenge me. You, sir, are not civil, and you were not “publicly responding to a public comment”, you were picking a fight with a complete stranger. Furthermore, I do not entertain ad hominem attacks from trolls.

Good day.

  1. kindasleepy said: Well said.
  2. smartasshat said: I SAID GOOD DAY!
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