December 17, 2012
I got a new bookcase a couple of weeks ago.

Yay, bookcase!

But this post is about the cardboard box it came in. 

It’s quite large, of course, and as soon as I saw it I realized it would be perfect for making puppet show scenery. 

Yesterday, I unveil the box to Bean. Tell him to do whatever he wants with it. Make a few suggestions. (“It could be an airport runway. Or a lake. Or a pirate’s treasure map!” Etc.)

His response? ”You really love me, Mommy! You really do!”

Then he runs downstairs and I hear him confiding in his grandmother. “DID YOU KNOW MOMMY IS AN ARTIST?” 

Then he runs to the family room and proceeds to create a line of belts, custom-made for each member of the family.

Custom-made. Yes. This led to a talk about how some butts are small (his) and some butts are large (grandma’s) and still other butts are enormous (mommy’s), and all these butts are acceptable, happy butts. 

This was last night. This morning he runs into my room, naked except for the belt, shouting, “BELTS THAT FIT WITH YOUR CLOTHES ARE TOO BIG WHEN YOU’RE NAKED, SEE?” 

Then he lets go of the belt, it drops to the floor, and he steps out of it, the cardboard circle, while doing the Snoopy dance, and is on his way back out of my room again faster than I can say, “Mommy has to work now, sweetie.” 

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