December 17, 2012
Bean is home sick today.

I have SO MUCH work to do, my head is spinning. [I will spare you the gory details. You’re welcome.]

Bean has discovered YouTube crafting tutorials. This is almost but not quite allowing me to focus on work. 

My current complaints include: neck pain, queasy tummy, still wearing Saturday’s pajamas, must finish contract, and did I really just brush my teeth for the first time today? Ew. 

Bean… is happy, even though I keep declining his offers to join the art class he is conducting in the kitchen. 

I also have to get ready for my makearoo jam session tomorrow. Totally psyched about that; wishing I could ignore all other professional responsibilities this week. 

Being an adult is a pain in the ass. Being an adult rocks. Life isn’t fair. It’s also beautiful. All of these things are true. 

I don’t want to talk about serious business right now, but it’s fine if you do. Really. Please go right ahead and roar at the sky. My silence is not a statement. It’s just a strategy to meet my own need for safety. 

All this to announce that I’m going to be all sweetness and light for a while. I will write about and post photos of things that are hopeful, or funny, or sweet, or just simply delicious, like the homemade mango jam I got in the mail today. (I have a Hawaiian aunt. Be jealous.)


It’s not that I don’t care about Newtown. I couldn’t possibly care more. I’m just not going to write about it. This is for the sake of my sanity, and also because there is a sweet little boy in the next room who hates it when his mommy cries. OK? OK. 

This has been a post. 

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