December 31, 2012
Regarding Bean's RC helicopter.
Me: I specifically requested no remote control vehicles.
Uncle: I don't have to listen to you. Anyway, who got you your first Nintendo? Against your mother's wishes?
Me: Yes, and I am forever grateful for your contribution to the rewiring of my brain. However. The Nintendo didn't FLY.
Uncle: Would this be a good time to tell the story about the time I took you to the fair and you peed on my shoulders? Because you know, I didn't tell that story at your wedding.
Uncle: Would you like a beer, Maria?
Me: I thought you'd never ask.
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  1. or-doesitexplode said: my husband wants an rc helicopter more than anything..let me know how it works for bean!
  2. redcloud said: FWIW, those things break easily and often. Especially with young kids who think that crashing is fun.
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