December 31, 2012
2012 is the best year I’ve had in ages.

In January I had my dream job. It fell apart in April when the awesome startup I was working for started to run out of money.Β So I was sad about that for a while but when I looked up from my navel I realized I had a new career path and some really fantastic connections. I’ve now started my own business and it’s amazing. Also, I’m not scared. (Who are you and what have you done with Maria?)

Bean was diagnosed with ADHD. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This was THE BEST NEWS, because it means that despite all evidence to the contrary, neither one of us is an asshole. We’re both getting healthy. We’re both learning to accept ourselves for who we are. And we’re doing it together. (Along the way, I rediscovered the love for painting that I’d abandoned after high school.)

I’m finally an approximation of the mother I want to be. I am calm and centered and present. (Usually.)Β 

Finally, I came back to the internet. Slowly but surely started reaching out, rekindling friendships, breaking out of my hermit-in-crisis-safety-shell that I’d worn for a few years. I’m forever grateful for your warmth and acceptance. (I love you guys!)Β 

2013? All signs point to awesome.Β 

  1. ackb said: Yay!
  2. awordoraline said: BIG ‘OL HEART. :)
  3. or-doesitexplode said: :) so happy for you!