February 22, 2013
Identity issues?

Someone (here) mentioned the other day that she followed me because I’m a latina. Which surprised me, because I’m more like media-gringa and anyway, how could you make that determination by looking at my tumblr? Can you? Did you? Do you? 

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    As a general rule, I don’t follow anyone because of what I believe they are, or what they might be. I follow because I...
  2. nolagrrlnyc said: I always just thought you were an Awesome-ista
  3. girl-detective answered: Hmmm. I think I met you first, and then followed you, so I already knew? I wonder if people can tell I’m Jewish?
  4. mentalextensions answered: your tumblr name definitely has a spanish flair
  5. monkeyfrog answered: I could guess at that from your icon.
  6. janetisserlis answered: followed you because I liked your writing
  7. factualfiction answered: I followed because I thought you were black. Hugely disappointed!
  8. stuffparty answered: You know, now that I think about it, I’m surprised I hadn’t made that assumption based on your name. But I’m a total ignoramus.
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